Ministry To Others

God's Pit Crew

God’s Pit Crew

  • Mission: “With God’s help and direction, to bring hope, healing, and restoration to hurting people in time of crisis.”
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Cooperative Christian Ministries:

  • Vision: to demonstrate God’s love through a network of resources that encourage individuals of every age to acknowledge their gifts and discover the purpose and fulfillment that god indents for their life.
  • Mission: to provide immediate assistance to members of the community who are experiencing crisis in the areas of food, shelter, or finances while engaging them in a series of actions that will empower them to move beyond crisis.
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Youth Camps

  • The Church of the Brethren sponsors work camps every year for elementary, junior, and senior high youth, and young adults, all over the country. These trips give young people a chance to work to benefit others as well as give a cross-cultural experience in many settings. These are often life changing experiences, which give youth the chance to give back to a community and learn more about the unique needs of those they serve.

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